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Professional buying guide on how to choose a top DSLR Camera


DSLRs are no longer expensive devices only destined for those who consider themselves professional photographers. Prices have gone down and manufacturers have created all sorts of cameras with much more user friendly menus and simple settings. Amateurs now have the chance of coming up with some pretty amazing results despite their lack of knowledge when it comes to photography. To make things even easier we’ve decided to put together a set of guidelines meant to help those who are on the market for the best DLSR camera 2015. Our suggestions are based on the most common questions readers have addressed to us over time.


Why get a DSLR and not a point and view camera?

Technology has evolved a lot over the past few years. DSLRs now allow you to get great results even if you lack the necessary skills. A while back, people who had no experience working a camera, had difficulties capturing those important moments in the most perfect way mostly because point and shoot cameras were not that intuitive.

The best DSLR cameras 2015 provide better image quality than point and view devices. They are also a lot more adaptable and can handle all sorts of difficult environments. The speed with which all the parts of the camera function is also higher so as to help you with your reaction time. DSLRs also offer great value for money, high quality video recordings, and user friendly controls.


For what type of situations are DSLRs better suited?

The great thing about DSLRs is that they can be used in all sorts of situations especially by amateur photographers who just want to have a little fun. Even so you should still consider things like special features, size, battery life and video quality. You should also think a bit about how you are going to use it. Even as amateurs, some users tend to have a general idea of what they generally capture on camera. A great way to decide is to pick between things like macro photography, sports photography, portraits or low and bright light scenarios. These cover pretty almost of the situations a photographer could encounter. We recommend a highly adaptable camera called the Canon EOS Rebel T3i. For more details check out the reviews below.


What other expenses should I expect after purchasing a DSLR?

If you do decide to take things a bit further when it comes to photography, get ready to invest in additional equipment. Upgrades usually start with lenses. An extra set of batteries also comes in handy. Also be prepared to invest in a memory card given the fact that some cameras don’t have that much storage space.


What features to look for in a DSLR?

Even amateur photographers want to have a bit of fun with the special features that may be out of their reach. If you do plan on making photography more than a hobby, we suggest buying a camera with burst mode, maximum shutter speed or anti-shake. Also consider features like wireless connectivity or dust protection. The Canon EOS 5D Mark III is a great overall camera which has all those features and more. For more info check out the reviews below.


What photographers recommend


Buying one of the top DSLR cameras 2015 is no longer that big of a financial effort. Almost anyone can now afford a decent gadget which will provide excellent features designed to make your pictures and videos look amazing. If this is the first time you are on the market for a DSLR we recommend picking one of the devices recommended by our experts. They’ve made a list of five cameras which come with fun and useful options and specifications but also with a durable design and top end technology.



Nikon D3300 DSLR Camera



5This is a great choice if you’ve just started discovering the world of DSLRs. It is affordable but at the same time it offers all the necessary features a photographer needs. It has a 24.2MP DX-format CMOS sensor which provides some amazing pictures and videos. The colors, the details and the brightness you get with the D3300 are hard to match even by some more expensive cameras. It is compatible with tablets and smartphones and it can shoot incredible panoramic images. It comes with several special effects and it is very lightweight. It has a durable exterior and an excellent design which will allow you to always get a good grip.

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Canon EOS 5D Mark III DSLR Camera


2This is a camera destined for professionals. It is among the top DSLR cameras 2015 because it will offer some amazing results. It has a 22.3MP full frame sensor that will be able to adapt to quick changes in lighting. It will process images with amazing speed which means you will get increased noise reduction. Unlike other DSLRs this one is built to last. It can be used in harsh conditions without having to worry about ruining it or the images it produces. It has a self-cleaning sensor, a generous 3.2 TFT LCD display and a lot of customizable controls.

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Canon EOS 70D DSLR Camera


3This is one of the most innovative DSLRs on the market. It comes with a special 20.2 Dual Pixel CMOS sensor which will allow you to capture fast paced scenes or objects. Even in video mode, the autofocus and all the other auto settings will keep up with almost anything. It is the perfect camera to have if you are into cars or sports. It also has something that Canon call Intelligent Viewfinder which offers a 98% viewing angle. The LCD 3.0 inch touchscreen is smudge resistant and very intuitive. This camera comes with built in Wi-Fi and is compatible with both Android and iOS.

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Nikon D7100 DSLR Camera


4If you are looking for the best DSLR camera 2015, the D7100 should definitely be on your shopping list. It has a 24.1 MP sensor which is capable of 100 consecutive shots at a rate of 6 frames per second. It has a strong wireless connection and can record 1080p videos which will also capture audio in a professional way. It can be used with a microphone and a set of headphones while filming. The images you get will be crisp and clear regardless of the fact that you have a steady hand or not. The D7100 also provides a large variety of effects which can be used during filming.

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Canon EOS Rebel T3i DSLR Camera


1The T3i is according to almost all DSLR camera reviews of 2015 one of the best cameras you can buy. Even though it has been around for a while, it still remains one of the best entry-level devices you could purchase. It has an 18MP CMOS sensor which is not only destined to capture even the smallest of details but it is also destined to handle fast moving objects which might end up looking blurry with other cameras. It is perfect for shooting in both bright light and poor lighting conditions. It comes with a 3 inch display which reflection reduction which will increase your shooting range. It can also record Full HD videos at 1080p.


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